Daphne, the Nymph of the greatest beauty, daughter of Peneus and Gaia, famous for her pulchritude. Apollo, the God of Light,  protagonist in the legend of unfulfilled love.

Apollo, as a handsome God, had conquests everywhere, both among the Goddesses and the mortal. He fell madly in love with Daphne. Daphne though, was meant to be sacrificed to  Goddess Artemis. She was a follower of the Goddess, roamed and hunted in the forests, freedom-loving and had chosen virginity. Apollo chased her everywhere in nature, the mountains and her favorite forests. She did not indulge in his love. Apollo’s perseverance was very strong. Tired and desperate as she was by the harsh insistence of the God, she rushed to her father for help.

Penaeus finally agreed to do her a favor. He relieves her of the torment and transforms her into a fragrant tree. Apollo, facing his beloved  being transformed into a tree, has his heart broken. Lamenting for the unfulfilled love, he cuts a branch of the fragrant laurel and knits a wreath in his hair. To honor his love, he establishes the plant to be regarded as sacred.
It is said that Eros gave a lesson to Apollo. Proud of his accomplishments, he was fooling the son of Aphrodite Eros that he wanders every day with the arrows and makes no act of bravery.

So, Eros was irritated and decided to give him an unforgettable lesson. He nailed a golden arrow to Apollo, one that causes deep love, and to Daphne a leaden arrow which repels Eros.